Nicky Campbell and Pol Pot

Not so long ago I had an exchange on Twitter with Nicky Campbell, he of Radio 1 fame (back in the day before he was tainted by Watchdog, Five Live and The Big Questions) about the occasionally dull Cbeebies show, My Story. Nicky Campbell: bringing the same qualities to sincerity that Pol Pot brought to … [Read more…]

Interview with Mayor Barry Meat

(Inspired by the insane story of Meat Loaf looking for a property in Hartlepool a few years ago…) PRESENTER: Once in a while, it is a duty that we all have to make contact with the political side of life. All around us, New Labour, Conservatives, Liberals and Independents discuss the future and current running … [Read more…]

The Following Came To Mind…

George W Bush’s expected trip to Switzerland was not in fact called off due to human rights protests over Guantanamo Bay as previously thought; in fact he’s said to be enjoying himself thoroughly in Swaziland. If humans and apes share 97% DNA, does that mean we’re only 3% superior? Could the increase in potato crisp … [Read more…]